An Heritage Farm House

This project is designed around a small heritage listed cottage we have now come to call the Heritage Farm House . At the time would have been located some distance from Sydney proper in a farm-like environment. For us, the existing house – probably a modest week-ender of its time – made the site appear much larger than it was…almost farm-like in proportion.

The size, siting and orientation of the existing house together with its covered verandah immediately drew us to the plans of old Chinese monasteries or the irregularity of clustered homes in an Italian village. Using these as touchstones, we set about creating a series of pavilions,  interconnected but apart, gathered around a central courtyard. A protected and private space that was at the once secure and open.

We set about to create a building that would not compete with the existing home in scale or material finish, without re-creating what was already there. Utilising the topography of the site parking and service functions were able to be accommodated.  Pitched Cathedral roofs over timber clad pavilions echo the tectonic elements of the exiting 1930’s cottage, albeit slightly steeper and lower than the existing. The connection points between the wings provide articulation to the whole, without an overcomplicating the design of each wing. To further articulate the facade, we are playing with the material selections between each pavilion, so that one may be all stone, while the rest timber and the house retains its inter-war Mediterranean Stucco.

The constraints of the land (its topography, aspect and proximity to environment) and Council Planning Controls have shaped the arrangement of the pavilions that form the Heritage Farm House on this site.

Brisbane Apartments 1

Mosman House 9

First impressions of this once grand home was like the ‘Emperor’s new clothes’, no one dared dress it. This scheme looked at the possibility of adding some important functional elements to the existing plan with surgical precision to manage phentermine 37.5 construction costs while bringing the home to modern standards.

Design Process – Cafe

Trace our 3D visualisations from early begins to almost final renders for the newest Moody Chef.

Colleroy House (Lanikai)

Residential Conversion

Joinery ‘walls’ help define space when converting an old office to an apartment

1:1 “re:frame”

AIA together with DARCH theme this year’s ‘1:1’ to somehow reframe our perception or engagement with the public space of the street.