Flavours of Urban Sydney Book

Billed as the ‘bucket list of the most vibrant restaurants, cafes and bars worth dying for’ we flip to find one of our earlier projects: Tree House featured.

The Speciality Coffee Book (NSW)

“Sydney’s ultimate guide to coffee, featuring more than 140 venues. ” Dose is featured in this coffee (table) book on specialty coffee venues in NSW. All you need to know about specialty coffee and the best places to get it in NSW.

Pick up your copy here

Public Sydney, Drawing the City

“For the first time see the making of Sydney and all its public buildings and places in exquisite drawings in this new book.”

Congratulations to Peter John Cantrill and Philip Thalis on their recent publication Public Sydney and for acknowledging the work of their students…who would have thought Urban Design at UTS would have been this much fun!

Diaspora Survey Map


“The Institute of Architects maps the patchy, but rich account of the Australian architectural diaspora…”  Our projects in Vanuatu & Armenia add to the mix

This years best bathrooms

Bathroom-Book_LightplayLightplay Challenge:

To create a beach bathroom that maximises views and light.

Bathroom-Book_SensorySensory Challenge:

To create uncompromised privacy but feel the dapple of morning light.

Sliver Challenge:

To create an enchanting bathroom in a small space with no outlook.


Bathroom Planning Guide:

An overview of the tricks-of-the-trade, when it comes to bathroom design.

Global model revealed in Coogee

“According to Simonian, the urban grid’s significance as a model of the ‘typical town’ was so robust that it has sustained years of development. “This strength in the original design is a potential canvas for modern development of urban centres and an exploration of the origins beyond Australian shores,” he says…”

Sexy Bathrooms

“This bathroom is on the second storey of the house and sits high in the tree canopy. antibiotics. Windows were essential to make the most of the wonderful views…”