FINLAYSON, is a boutique group of 46 apartments (with 6 penthouse typologies). The design borrows from the typical federation cottage typology reflected in the order of materials and forms along the vertical axis in three parts: stone base (foundations); face brick/masonry walls (centre); and a recessed darker roof (top). this subtle order is punctuated by painted balconies similar to boxed ‘bay-windows’. Shutters assist in privacy and solar control, accentuating the horizontal by joining windows across the elevation. The simple pallet of materials and textures references the architectural syntax of the locality. The building form is largely shaped by the irregular site. The building is articulated to express the entry, but also maximise the orientation to north. Balconies provide the organisational principle for the facades and generous extension to the internal spaces. . The materiality and texture of this arrangement is drawn from the Federation Cottage.

Each apartment has been carefully detailed to provide generous living, entertaining and sleeping spaces, which are planned to avoid internal corridors. Beautiful joinery, generous storage and a pallet of polyurethane and timber veneer finishes are designed by our interiors team in both a dark and light scheme.

A majority of apartments are cross ventilated, with all having access to deep sheltered balconies. Unnecessary internal corridors together with efficient public areas have resulted in this building maximising floor space. The split floor plate also maximises the building height potential for the site.

Working from concept through to construction delivery has ensured we were able to ensure the continuity of design intent.