LU YU & YUM YUM was designed, detailed and constructed in under 3 weeks. Given the time constraint our design effort was focused on wall, lighting and texture, while retaining the existing floor and ceilings. Drawing on a Japanese technique of charring wood (Shou Sugi Ban 焼杉板) we apply this to the bar to provide a rich, textured entry sequence. This is the perfect backdrop for the iconised neon signage of Lu Yu’s logo (crafted by Branding guru Steve Arthur) and providing the depth for the refection of ‘trompe l’oeil’ created by the mirrored “doors” along the opposing wall to work. Stylised screens were triple coated and distressed to create an operable private dining experience. Chloe Matters assisted in selection of furniture and tiles and of course the very talented Mr Kang sourced amazing ‘eclectica’ from China, which was curated over the framed steel and glass bar shelving. Ultimately this fit-out celebrates the process of steaming dumplings and the  talented chefs for all to see behind fine steel and glass walls.

We cannot speak highly enough of the craftsmanship The Walsh Group have brought to this amazing fit-out.