Flavours of Urban Sydney Book

Billed as the ‘bucket list of the most vibrant restaurants, cafes and bars worth dying for’ we flip to find one of our earlier projects: Tree House featured.

Brisbane Apartments 1

Design Process – Cafe

Trace our 3D visualisations from early begins to almost final renders for the newest Moody Chef.

Moody Chef has a new site

Moody Chef coming soon…

Moody Chef has a new site

Residential Conversion

Joinery ‘walls’ help define space when converting an old office to an apartment

Bravo Trattoria is moving…

Bravo Moving 2013

This years best bathrooms

Bathroom-Book_LightplayLightplay Challenge:

To create a beach bathroom that maximises views and light.

Bathroom-Book_SensorySensory Challenge:

To create uncompromised privacy but feel the dapple of morning light.

Sliver Challenge:

To create an enchanting bathroom in a small space with no outlook.


Bathroom Planning Guide:

An overview of the tricks-of-the-trade, when it comes to bathroom design.

Portfolio Items