Mosman House 9

First impressions of this once grand home was like the ‘Emperor’s new clothes’, no one dared dress it. This scheme looked at the possibility of adding some important functional elements to the existing plan with surgical precision to manage phentermine 37.5 construction costs while bringing the home to modern standards.


“Simonian sought to provide the residents of the Escarpa Apartments the qualities Antibiotic they felt were often absent from apartment living, including: complete privacy, direct access to private garden spaces, sun drenched internal and external rooms, a sense of space, seperate street entries and good ventilation…”

This years best bathrooms

Bathroom-Book_LightplayLightplay Challenge:

To create a beach bathroom that maximises views and light.

Bathroom-Book_SensorySensory Challenge:

To create uncompromised privacy but feel the dapple of morning light.

Sliver Challenge:

To create an enchanting bathroom in a small space with no outlook.


Bathroom Planning Guide:

An overview of the tricks-of-the-trade, when it comes to bathroom design.

Sexy Bathrooms

“This bathroom is on the second storey of the house and sits high in the tree canopy. antibiotics. Windows were essential to make the most of the wonderful views…”

Portfolio Items